Hoof Pix et Cetera | Advance Posting Deposit

Advanced Posting Deposit

My workflow for processing and posting images after a competition is to do so in alphabetical order (rider’s last name) as this helps keep the folders orderly and me from forgetting someone.  Obviously, those riders with names falling at the end of the alphabet always have the longest wait to view their proofs. 

I am open to requests to “bump” you up in the queue but in all fairness to the other riders who are patiently waiting, and to me for the extra time spent, and risk that you will only look at the images and not make a purchase, I have established an Advanced Posting Deposit.

Hit the “BUY NOW” button on this page to pay a $24 deposit via PayPal for the privilege of having your images from the most recent event posted before your alphabetical time. This means your images will be posted in a few days rather than up 2-4 weeks.

My reasoning is that most competitors want to see their proofs right now, but they don’t want to BUY prints or other photo products right now. And some never do. This deposit tells me that you are serious about making a purchase and therefore gives me an incentive to process your images faster. 

*** THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE ***  but will be deducted from any purchase made before Dec. 31st, 2012 of any images (not just the ones from this recent event in case you don’t like them).